Udvartana (Ayurveda Herbal Powder Massage): what is it all about

Udvartana (Udwartana) is the procedure of massaging the whole body below the neck in a direction opposite to the orientation of hair with some pressure.

Various herbal powders are dusted on the body which is then followed by massage with some pressure.

The udvartana demo performed in our clinic is below:

Udvartana is used as part of the preparation for Panchakarma (detox protocol) or on its own right as a series of treatments.

Udvartana has its efficacy on various diseases like:

  • obesity (in fact, it is one of the best procedures to manage obesity)

  • dyslipidaemia (lipid profile imbalance) and

  • cerebral palsy

It possesses Shoshana (absorption) and Kapha‑Medohara (alleviation of vitiated Kapha and Meda) properties. This means it's great as part of the protocol for weight and water retention reduction.

It is quite often used as an anti-cellulite treatment along with the diet and lifestyle modification

Udvartana alleviates Kapha Dosha, reduces excess body fat, increases stability of the body, improves skin color and has many positive effects on various other psycho-physical parameters.

Ideal time for Udvartana

Ideally performed in the morning hour after evacuating the bowel and bladder. It should be performed empty stomach and before bath. Mild exercise may be advised to the patient before the procedure.

Duration of the Procedure

Each part of the body in their respective positions is massaged for 3-5 minutes. Usually the duration of Udvartana is 30-45 minutes.

How many treatments required

  • One-off - general well-being and maintenance

  • 3 Treatments - preparation for detox/panchakarma

  • 7-21 Treatments - when treating a particular condition

Two Types of Udvartana (your Ayurvedic Practitioner will decide which one is suitable for you):

Snigdha Udvartana - treatment of Krisha (lean and thin) persons, in which oil is used in the procedure.

Oil used:

o Vata Prakriti - Himsagara Taila

o Pitta Prakriti - Chandandi Taila, Chandanabalalakshadi Taila

o Kapha Prakrti - Triphaladya Taila

o Sama Prakriti - Asanabilvadi Taila

Rukhsha Udvartana - treatment of Sthula (obese) persons, in which dry powder of herbs with no addition of oil is used during the procedure.

Herbs Used:

o Kulatta Churna - To reduce accumulated subcutaneous fat and to decrease excessive sweating

o Kolkulattadi Churna - In obese patients, neurological conditions

o Triphala Churna - In obese patients, skin diseases

o Nalpamaradi Churna - Eczema, fungal infections, diabetes, mellitus associated with itching

o Nimba Churna - Skin diseases

o Ushira, Chandana, Musta, Padam Churna - Excessive sweating

o Nimba, Khadira, Guduchi, Aragvada, Karanja Churna - Skin diseases

o Shailayadi Churna – Obesity

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