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I recently had a two-hour massage session with Alena.

I can't say much, because at about the fifth minute of the procedure, the consciousness turned off 🙂

I only remember that: - It was very warm - a heated blanket is the best way to enjoy a massage.

- The oil was used generously - my dry skin was grateful.

- Periodically covered with goosebumps - the force of pressure was ideal for relieving tension in the body.

- It seems that I even snored 😅

- Alena has a positive energy, and I need to resonate with a person in order to relax so much.

- Steam sauna after the procedure - a pleasant conclusion and complete warming up of muscles and joints.


In general, I went home, very pleased like a soft, soft jellyfish. Of course I recommend!

Aizhan Ariano, May 2021

Absolute bliss is all about this full body massage. My body is saying THANK YOU to Alena. I have never felt so recharged before and highly recommend to everyone.

Yana Goncharova, September 2021

It was truly sublime... my body feels nourished and loved by the amazing Alena

Suzie Bee, August 2021

A fantastic service, result and Alena. I felt to be taken good care off and felt much better after. Thank you, Alena!

Oksana KK, November 2021

I love Alena's massage, her nurturing, warm and welcoming presence. I have been seeing her since she opened her practice - she is my fave :)

Irene Schneider, October 2021

A wonderful relaxing 2 hour stone massage with Alena. The studio is so peaceful. I felt wonderful.

Lisa Evans, September 2021