Greeva Vasti

Cervical (Neck) Pain Treatment

  • 1 hour
  • 100 Australian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Greeva Vasti is a retention dough ring made with flour to hold the medicinal oil over the cervical (neck) region. Many Ayurvedic oils like Dhanwantaram Oil and Balaswagandhadi Oil help support pain, stiffness and loss of movement associated with painful neck ailments, such as Cervical Spondylosis. Heated medicated oil is retained within the dough ring over the cervical area for a long duration of time (35-45 minutes). To ensure the constancy of temperature, a little portion of oil is taken out and the remaining oil within the wall is mixed with warm oil. The heated oil helps to improve the space between the two neck bones, leading to relief from disk herniation. This also nourishes disk cartilage and bone to help prevent further degeneration. The reason behind the selection of Grīvā Vasti is that it comes under direct contact with painful region. In the diseases like Cervical Spondylosis, pathogenesis is at cervical-region and is mostly associated with structural changes of the vertebral column. There is derangement in cervical joints and vertebrae, degeneration of intervertebral disc and lubrication function of Śleṣmaka Kapha is affected, which results in compression, irritation or inflammation of Nāḍi i.e. nerve, resulting in severe pain and muscle spasm. Therefore, local oleation and fomentation is very effective and gives quick results because they act at the site of pathogenesis. Depending on severity of the condition, a series of sessions might be required. The cost is inclusive of 200ml of medicated oil which may be used for 3 treatments. The 2nd and 3rd treatments are $90. 1 - 1 Hour Treatment - $100 3 - 1 Hour Treatments - $280 5 - 1 Hour Treatments - $450 7- 1 Hour Treatments - $630

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  • Rainbow Parakeet Ayurveda, Alvaston Drive, Carine WA, Australia